Who is who at Glossop Labour Club


Chair: Derek Clarke

Secretary: Kasey Carver

Treasurer: Jeremy Dale

Committee members: Peter Allen, Julia Brunt, Ray Collins, Angela Dale, Dennis Gaunt, Rose Kendrick, Kath McDevitt, Bob McKeown,  Margaret Peters, Edward Picton, Martin Purvin, Debbie Windley


All Club members can attend meetings of the committee.

December 2021 Newsletter

Our newsletter contains a lot of information about the Club and its activities.  Click the link below to download a copy.

December 2021 newsletter.pdf 2.6MB

Join the Tote

The Tote is a way of raising funds to allow us to buy special items, or undertake special projects, beyond those that can be supported from our normal income.

Members participating in the Tote pay, by standing order, £5 per month. Each month we have a draw, and the winning member gets a ‘prize’ of £25.  It currently raises well over £1,000 per year, which is a very useful addition to our income.

To join the Tote, download the standing order form from the link below, fill it in and return it to the Treasurer at the Labour Club. We will then forward it to your bank.

Tote SO form.pdf 54.4KB

Borrow a DVD

The Club has a collection of excellent films, which are available for members to borrow. See theExternal link opens in new tab or window list.

To b0rrow one, just write your name in the book, and cross it off when you return it

Bar rota

We rely on volunteers to run the bar.
If you are willing to help with this, please contact Angela Dale
(e-mail External link opens in new tab or windowangela.glossopdale@gmail.com)
The table below shows the current/upcoming rota, and the events running.

Weekdays - bar to open for 8pm unless indicated earlier - in which case times given are when bar needs to be open.

December 2021












 7.00 Labour Party

Gamers 8-11 (upstairs)


 7.30 Unite

 3 Bar 7pm

 9 Musicians


12-5 Gamers


 5  Film Club,

  bar 7pm



 Mary (TBC)


 Jan & Rob & Josie/

 9-11 Kath


 Pam & Jeremy


 Reading group 7.30


 7 Bar 7.30

 Folk Club 8pm


 Decorating party + buffet

8-11 Gamers (upstairs)


 7.30 Record Club


 10  Bar 7pm

 Derbyshire carols


 Bar 7.00

 Lesley Davies gig

 12 Cajuns

 Bar 7.00


 Pam & Josie


 Eddie & Kasey

 Hilary & Norman & Pam & Josie

 Martin & Kath

 Martin & Kath



 14 Bar 7.30

  Folk Club 8pm


 8-11 Gamers


 8 Stitch Sisters

 17 Bar 7pm

 9 Musicians


 12-5 Gamers

 Quiz bar 7.00


 Michelle’s Sunday music session   8 – 10.15


  Kasey & Josie



 Eddie & Rob & Josie/ 9-11 Pam


 Rose (TBC)


7.30 Labour Club Committee


 21 Bar 7.30

  Folk Club 8pm


 8-11 Gamers




Club closed



Club closed


Club closed



Pam & Josie







 28 Bar 7.30

 Folk Club 8pm



 8-11 Gamers



 Bar 7pm

 9 Musicians

 Jan 1

 12-5 Gamers

 Jan 2

 Film club – 2.30 start



 Jeremy & Josie



 Rob/ Kasey & Den



 Jeremy & Angela