Glossop Labour Club


This page is intended to provide a space for Labour Club members to disseminate information about campaigns and similar activities that they are involved with. These activities are not necessarily officially sanctioned by the Club, although they should be ones that are in line with the aims of the Club.

Members who want information included on this page should send details to Jeremy Dale

Glossop TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) Interest Group


TTIP is an agreement between the EU and the USA currently being negotiated.  It is being described as a trade agreement but it is much more than that.  It seeks to harmonise  trading restrictions in a similar way to what was arranged when we joined the European Common Market.  Given that the USA operates in a much less regulated market, this seriously jeopardises a wide range of current and future  EU legislation designed to protect on health and safety, environmental protection, employment rights etc.   


More critically, it includes a legal system which gives the foreign investor the right to sue governments if they introduce legislation that affects the investors current AND future returns on their investment.  This means that it would be almost impossible to introduce new legislation or renationalise services if it impacts on the investor in any way.  This dispute system,  when has been used under other trade agreements, has already been used in a wide range of areas to dispute, for instance:  the introduction of plan packaging for cigarettes, cancelling a contract because when the  investor broke terms, the introduction of legislation to ban insecticides, an increase the minimum wage, changing energy policy away from nuclear power. 


This is a huge development;  largely negotiated in secrete between the Commission and corporate interests.  MEPs have restricted access to the detail of the agreement and are being asked to decide on the agreement on the promise, disputed by many detailed research, of increased trade and economic growth. 


The interest group has previously organised public meetings, met with MPs and prospective MPs and taken part in various days of action.  It meets on an ad hoc basis in order to respond to specific campaign events.  Please email us if you want to get involved or stay in touch by liking our Facebook page.



Glossopdale for Social Justice: 

A group of volunteers concerned about supporting Social Justice in the Glossopdale area.  We are  open to all backgrounds and political persuasions who support are aims and we expect to be working with a wide range of organisations and political organisations to reach those aims.   The group will focus its attention at this point  on responding to the introduction of Universal Credit in Glossopdale which took place this summer.  Please visit our page for more details.

Glossop Peace Group
Glossop Peace Group carried on from the group which was set up locally to oppose the Iraq war.
We campaign and educate on any peace related issue members wish to tackle and join in with national events taking place all over the country such as the commemoration of Hiroshima.
If you wish to receive emails about our activities or come to meetings please contact Linda Walker at