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Special Events

Music Nights

We have regular Sunday night music sessions on the 4th Sunday in each month. 'Music' here includes not just instrumentals and songs but also poems, monologues, anything you would like to share.
**The next one will be on Sunday 27 May, starting at 8.30. 


Thursday 24 May

Folk Train: Steve Turner


We were disappointed last year when Steve was unable to come (due to a cricketing injury!), so we are glad that he is now coming (we hope!).

***We hoped, but it was not to be! Due to the rail strike, it has to be cancelled. The Club will be open as usual, so come and celebrate Bob's birthday.

Steve is a pioneer in accompanying his singing with the English concertina, stretching the boundaries of what can be achieved with this instrument. He also accompanies himself on the cittern (if you don't know what that is, come and find out).

Leaving Piccadilly at 18.46, arriving at the Club about 19.30. Returning to Manchester on the 21.38 train.

Further events:

June 28: The Hayes Sisters

For further information, visit the Folk Train web site. or the Friends of Glossop Station site


Saturday May 26

Defiance Session

Tracey Curtis

plus Eliza P

Tickets £8 (£6 advance)

Tracey began her singing career when her children asked her to write a protest song. Since then, she has been taking her music to festivals, pubs, clubs, and prisons, including tours with Chumawamba

Eliza P needs no introduction for Glossop audiences

Future Defiance Sessions:

Watch this space!


Sunday 3 June

Red Film Club

City of God

This electrifying picture, made in 2002, is part tender coming-of-age film and part gang-warfare epic from the Brazilian slum, or favela, told from the viewpoint of the children who manage to be both its underclass and its criminal overlords.
The intense focus on the favela stresses the connection between the oppressive confines of the community and the chaotic, individualistic lives of the gun-toting gangsters.

This film will be shown with subtitles.

The bar will be open from 7 pm, and the programme starts at 7.30.

Admission free; donations welcome.

Members only, but you can join at the door.

Further films:

Watch this space!