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Initial objectives 

How you can help



Tameside became one of the pilot areas for the introduction of Universal Credit (UC) in April 2013.  A campaign group was set up by Charlotte Hughes, following her daughter’s experience of being sanctioned because her employer found out she was pregnant. The group have gathered outside Ashton job centre every Thursday afternoon since August 2014. As a result, they became aware that people are being sanctioned for very trivial reasons. The group helped expose these issues in the national media and drew particular attention to the number of people who’ve died or committed suicide after being defined as fit for work;  when they were clearly either very unwell, disabled or mentally incapable of work.

A number of people in Glossopdale were either involved in this campaign or followed it on social media (  and )


Others were aware, through their work or contacts, that the introduction of Universal Credit had caused other significant problems for claimants such as the need to register online and the delays of at least 6 weeks in getting the new benefit payments. 


When it was learnt that Universal Credit had started to be rolled out in Glossop over  the summer, a number of people got together,  through the Labour Club networks, to explore ways in which some of these problems could be ameliorated in Glossopdale.


Our group’s focus will initially be on responding to Universal Credit. However, we will be active in any area relating to social justice where we think we can make a constructive difference.




·         to establish a group concerned about the inequalities of social justice within Glossopdale;  


·          to provide appropriate practical support and campaigning on this issue.


·          to complement and support other support groups in Glossopdale.


·         to complement and support similar groups nationally;


·         to focus initial activities on preparing for Universal Credit in Glossopdale.  Universal Credit was introduced in Glossopdale during the summer and is currently only being applied to new single claimants in Job Seeker’s Allowance.  There will therefore be some time before the impact on families and those with health problems are felt.



 Initial objectives



·         to identify the relevant support groups in Glossopdale and their potential to support benefit claimants;


As a result of this audit, which is still ongoing, our first steps may  include:


·         preparing handouts providing details of the support available in Glossopdale for  those affected by benefit sanctions or delays in benefit payments;


·         distributing advice on how to avoid benefit sanctions;


·         engaging with benefit claimants to identify issues as they arise, especially with regard to the roll out of Universal Credit;


·         responding to those issues as appropriate (ie  by signposting to relevant support agencies providing the support required, providing advocacy support or by campaigning activities)



How you can help



Contribute your expertise and/experience


Our meetings take place monthly. If you can’t make the meetings, please email  us  to receive minutes and contribute information, advice and ideas as we go along.


Respond to a call for one off support


We anticipate that there may be times when we may need significant help for specific initiatives.  One option we are considering is a two week rota at the job centre to target relevant advice to all benefit claimants in Glossopdale. We will need additional help to do this.   We will call for such support through the Labour Club networks but please email   us now if  you are willing in principle  to be approached directly for such support.   



Support our events


We anticipate running fund-raising activities to either support our minimal costs (largely printing) or other activities needed to help those affected by poverty.



Keep in touch


Like and share as appropriate our  Facebook page  where we will provide updates of our activities as well as relevant articles.